ENGLISH - The Icon of Virgin Mary in Epirus
Data: Mercoledi 6 Gennaio 2016, alle ore 11:45:04
Argomento: Lingue straniere

Andriani Oikonomou, Eleni Mpalaska, Chrysostomos Stylios - Laboratory of Knowledge & Intelligent Computing Department of Informatics & Telecommunications’ Technologies T.E.I. of  EPIRUS

«“Orthodox tradition takes the one and unique face of “Theotokos” (meaning the Mother of God), multiplies and transforms it, gives it names and qualities according to the history, the manners and the customs of each region, without, however, destroying, not even in the least, her uniqueness. And although one would expect this multifragmentation to lead to confusion, on the contrary, it reveals the unlimited love of believers, the unappeased and ceaseless lust of children to see and talk to their Mother, according to their personal needs, requirements and particularities.”[...]»


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